IndiPR is for anyone who wants to utilize the power of digital content marketing with a PR approach. IndiPR is most suited for you if you are:

  1. A PR professional
  2. An entrepreneur
  3. A social business owner
  4. A digital marketer
  5. A celebrity

IndiPR is an automated system designed to provide a quick and effective solution to your content marketing needs. In this version, we have answered one simple question - “I have a press release for my product/company/solution. How do I get someone with influence to publish it online?”
The solution is simple - all you need to do is:

  1. Select your budget
  2. Pay online
  3. Upload your Press Release
  4. View the published articles on your dashboard as they get published within 72 hours of posting your project

Through IndiPR you can spread your brand messaging through the most industry-relevant blogs and also constantly engage your consumers directly. You can use IndiPR when there’s a:

  1. Product / Service launch
  2. Strategic announcement
  3. Merger / acquisition
  4. Success story
  5. New hire
  6. Brand milestone
  7. Event (pre and post)
  8. News worthy information
  9. Regularly updating your fans and followers

IndiPR automates press release dissemination to the most relevant bloggers for your industry. Here’s the simple process to set up your IndiPR campaign:

  1. Choose the number of blog posts you wish to generate or simply add money to your IndiPR wallet
  2. Make an online payment
  3. Upload press release

You will be able to monitor the progress in real-time and download a complete report for your campaign from your dashboard.

Get an insider look at:

  1. How to effectively use IndiPR
  2. Best practices
  3. Ideal press release format
  4. Guides
  5. Case studies

IndiPR Case Studies

Although registrations are open for businesses globally, commercial services have only been launched with publishers of Indian origin at the moment. Please subscribe so we can keep you posted about the global launch.

This completely depends on the budget that you have chosen or your IndiPR wallet balance. You will receive as many blog posts as you specify when you take your campaign live. If there is an instance where the number of articles published is less that the requested number, the balance amount will be credited back into your IndiPR wallet automatically.

This is simply an e-wallet that allows you to add money or purchase blog posts in bulk to avail various discounts. Its also a convenient option for regular usages. You and your colleagues can execute various campaigns of different size as per each requirement and the value will be deducted automatiacally from your wallet. You simply just need to replenish your wallet for seemless regular executions of your campaigns. Any refunds processed after a campaign will also be returned to your wallet.

The painful need of evaluating each influencer based on categories and dubious web statistics is now redundant.

IndiPR utilizes a combination of quality checks, internal scores that have been tracked for over a decade and your ratings of the articles written for you to intuitively serve your requirement.

The system depends on your input to customize its working for you. Rating articles that are published for your ‘Press Release’ builds provides us with valuable feedback to continuously improve upon the IndiPR algorithm.

  • 1 Star – Never Again - You will never see this publisher ever again
  • 2 Star – Acceptable - This publisher will be given a very low priority for future campaigns created from your account and feedback will be sent to the publisher.
  • 3 Star – Nice - This Publisher will be considered as an average individual and will only be given priority if the slots for your project haven’t been fulfilled.
  • 4 Star – Highly Usable - This Publisher will be considered above average and will be given a higher probability of being accepted when you come up with a similar project.
  • 5 Star – VIP - This publisher will be given top priority for your future campaigns with similar projects.

Yes. A report containing the online reach and statistics for the articles submitted to you can be downloaded from your dashboard after 72 hours.

Yes. Due to the nature of the engagement, a rare case may occur where the publishers don’t pick up an article. These reasons may vary between religious grounds, moral dilemmas or other equally sensitive reasons or some one missed the timeline due to emergencies. If this happens, the corresponding value would be transferred back into your IndiPR wallet.

Sorry, free trials are not available at this time.